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Our prices*

to eat lunch                   18.00€

to taste                     4.00€

having dinner                     22.00€ 

picnic and snack          18.00€    

* Mandatory reservation the same morning                       

To make your mouth water

Breakfast (included in room rates)

    classic, sweet or savory: choice of pancakes, French toast, cereals,      Peyssonnerie jams, homemade yoghurt, seasonal fruits,         bacon and egg, cheeses served with Jaya bread or     



This list of dishes are our must-haves but new ones, depending on the season, will complete our menu...

Aperitif / snack

     Homemade Hummus

     Guacamole _

     Tuna rillettes with garlic and fine herbs

     Focaccia parmesan, tapenade, fine herbs, sesame...

     Raw vegetables (carrots, black and pink radish, cauliflower, etc.)

     Board of  deli

     Cheese plate


Healthy / vegetarian dishes

      vegetable soups

      Baked peppers  

      Eggplant Gratin On

      Baby greens (small leaves of lamb's lettuce, arugula,            mustard, beets, kale and others)

      Quiches and savory pies (winter or summer version)

      Spinach and goat cheese lasagna

  Salad bowl (subject to availability: lentils, quinoa, rice, weight       chicks, eggplant, cucumber, tomatoes, onion, potato   sweet, zucchini, avocado, nuts, feta almonds, goat cheese, seeds   sprouts, mint, basil...)

  Linguine with pesto

      Oven-grilled vegetables (sweet potato, parsnip, carrots, garlic, etc.)

Complete meals

     The Tovagliaro risotto (filet mignon, red wine, mushrooms             cheese, parmesan)

     Minouche veal blanquette

     Creamy Two Meat and Mushroom Lasagna

     Tofino soup (chicken leg cooked in broth, rice, broccoli

         and carrots)

     Riewele Alsatian soup (ground beef broth, small           weight and rieweles)

     Pork tenderloin, cream, mustard, thyme with mashed

     potatoes and Jerusalem artichoke


     The clafouti of Mamicat

     Walter's Tiramisu

      Apple crumble

      Seasonal pies (rubarb, apples, pears, plums)

     Cookies, pancakes, French toast, pancakes, muffins...

Meat and charcuterie from Du Pré d'à Coté (group of producers from Corrèze, Lot and Dordogne)

Goat cheese from Mazajou (Gaec Joel Faure), Sheep from Ferrieres (pine farm)

Drinks  : you will be able to taste, among other things, many local beers and will have a choice of wines, homemade mint syrup, lemonade.

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