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  1. Designation of accommodation:

    The owner rents out one or two guest rooms at the Auberge du Lac Noir, located at a place called La Chassagne, 88 chemin du lac noir, 19600 St Cernin de Larche.

for a maximum capacity of:

- Ipoméa room for 4 people 

- centaurée room 3 people


    2 . Length of stay :    

The rental is concluded for a fixed period and cannot under any circumstances claim any right to remain in the premises at the end of the stay.


    3. Rates:    

The rates (see current rates on the website) are given from 1 night for the rental of the Ipoméa room or the Centaurée room.

Services included for the rooms:

   - Breakfast

   - Household chores

   - Bed sheets. These are made before the arrival of the travelers

   - Water, electricity, heating.

  - For a cot you can bring your own sheets. Otherwise, you can rent them on site (5€/additional). Cushions, blankets and mattresses must be provided with adequate sheets and covers.

   - Bath/toilet towels

   - Toilet paper

   - Maintenance products

The rent does not include:

* tourist tax 2021: 0.75€ per person/per night 

Special feature OTA (online booking platform): the tourist tax is now collected by most OTAs (AirBnB, TripAdvisor, Expedia, etc.), which undertakes to transfer it to our municipality on our behalf.


    4. Reservation and Methods of payment:    

4.1. Any assignment of the rental, any total or partial subletting, any provision - even free of charge - is strictly prohibited without the owner's authorization.

4.2. The reservation will only be final after the validation of the form "your stay" validated by the owner accompanied by the payment of the deposit of 50% at the latest within 3 working days following the reservation request. Payment of the deposit can be made by check (to the order of Camille CHAMBON, Walter BYROTHEAU), and bank transfer.

4.3. The payment of this deposit or the amount of the rental implies acceptance of our general conditions of rental and online sale.

4.4. Upon receipt of the deposit or payment of the rental, the Tenant will be notified by email and the reservation will be validated. If the deposit is not sent within the allotted time, the owner will remain free to rent the cottage to another tenant.

4.5. Balance: the balance must be paid one month before the keys are handed over. The owner will issue a receipted invoice at the end of the stay. If the Renter does not pay the balance by the notified payment deadline, the Owner reserves the right to cancel the reservation. He then immediately refunds the deposit paid. However, the Tenant cannot claim any additional compensation.


    5 . Accommodation capacity :    

This contract is established for a specific number of people. If the number of tenants exceeds the agreed number, the owner can refuse the additional people.


    6 . Animals :    

Animals are not allowed.


    7. Course of the stay – Welcome and departure    

7.1. The reception is between 4 p.m. and 6 p.m. by appointment. The gîte must be vacated by 10 a.m. on the morning of departure – Unless special conditions are indicated in the booking confirmation, depending on the season.

7.2. The hostel and guest rooms are non-smoking, and are equipped with a smoke detector.

7.3. Our animal friends are allowed on request and in certain lodgings only.

7.4. The Tenant will peacefully use the rented accommodation as well as the furniture and equipment and will be liable for any damage and losses that may occur during the term of the rental of which he has exclusive enjoyment.

7.5. The Tenant must avoid any noise likely to disturb the neighbours, in particular those emitted by multimedia devices and others.

7.6. The Tenant will respect the rented accommodation and return it in the same condition as he found it on his arrival.

7.8. The Tenant may not exercise any recourse against the owner in the event of theft and damage to the hostel.

7.9. The Tenant will respect the maximum number of people who can enter the premises, in accordance with the reservation.

7.10. The Tenant may not object to the visit of the premises if the owner or his agent so requests, in particular if the windows left open by the tenant must be closed urgently in his absence or to observe any damage reported, or even to replace defective devices. Nor can he oppose the carrying out of emergency work made necessary on the premises. In all cases the owner will notify the tenant beforehand if it is necessary to access the accommodation in the absence of the tenant.

7.11. The tenant agrees not to modify the premises, the decoration or the arrangement of the furniture.


    8 . Payment of charges:    

At the end of the stay, the tenant must pay the owner the charges and/or consumption not included in the price, in particular any meals and consumption taken, or the "entertainment/children's reception" services, or even broken and non-replaced objects. before leaving.

Their amount is established according to the tariffs in force and displayed in the hostel. Proof is provided by the owner.  


    9. Cleaning

The final cleaning of the premises is the responsibility of the owner. Nevertheless, the tenant must return the room in an acceptable state of cleanliness. If this is not the case, the owner will charge a supplement of 30€.

    10. Security deposits:    

With the balance of the rental, and at the latest when entering the premises, the Tenant will give the Owner 1 deposit check (non-cashable) of 300 euros as a security deposit, intended to cover damage and /or damage to the accommodation and furniture and objects furnishing the accommodation caused by the Tenant, as well as the loss of keys or objects.

The security deposit (deposit) can be made in a dematerialized way by a CB imprint (pre-authorization) which is automatically canceled 3 days after departure if no problem is found. Deposit checks will be returned by post within 10 days after the Tenant's departure, if no problem is found, minus, where applicable, sums covering minor damage and/or damage to the accommodation and furniture and objects. furnishing the dwelling, caused by the tenant. In the event of significant damage, the Owner withholds the deposit until full reimbursement by the Tenant's insurance. If the security deposit proves to be insufficient to cover the damage, the Tenant already undertakes to honor them, under penalty of filing a complaint with the competent authorities.


    11. State of play

An inventory of fixtures and inventories of the furniture are given to the Tenant when entering the accommodation and validated. If for one reason or another the inventory could not be carried out, the tenant has 24 hours to report any malfunctions in the accommodation. Complaints beyond this period cannot be taken into account for the exit inventory.

However, these documents will serve as a reference in the event of a dispute over the return of the deposit. In the event of non-performance of the inventory on departure, due to a choice by the tenant, or due to a departure time other than that initially provided for in the contract, and incompatible with the timetable, the owner unilaterally performs the inventory at the scheduled time and returns the deposit within 10 days of departure, in the absence of damage and subject to restoration of the premises. If the owner finds damage, he must inform the tenant immediately, and the deposit will be treated as specified in the chapter “Deposit”.


    12. Cancellation of the stay:    

12.1. Cancellation by the tenant.

Any cancellation of stay must be notified to the owner in writing (mail, email). Any cancellation must be subject to written cancellation confirmation from the owner.

► Cancellation of the stay occurs less than 30 days before arrival on the premises: the amount of the rental remains with the owner who is entitled to claim the balance of the amount of the stay.

► The cancellation of the stay occurs more than 30 days from the date of arrival, the owner agrees to return the deposit paid at the time of booking.

► If the tenant does not appear within 24 hours of the arrival date indicated on the contract, this contract becomes void and the owner can dispose of his furnished apartment. The deposit also remains with the owner who will be entitled to request the balance of the rental.

► If the stay is shortened, for whatever reason, the rental price remains with the owner. No refund will be made.

12.2. Cancellation by the owner before the start of the stay.

The owner reserves the right to cancel the stay in the event of force majeure (inability to accommodate the client, following an event rendering the accommodation unsuitable for rental (damage of any kind, flooding, etc.). When before the beginning of the stay, the owner cancels this stay, he must inform the customer in writing (mail, email).The customer will be immediately reimbursed for any sums paid.He cannot however claim any additional compensation.


    13. Insurance:    

The tenant declares at the time of his reservation to be in possession of a multi-risk insurance (“resort” extension of the main housing contract) currently valid, in order to protect himself against rental risks (water damage, fire, etc.) during his stay. stay. A copy of the insurance policy may be requested by the Owner from the tenant when entering the premises.


    14. Automatic Termination:    

In the event of breach by the tenant of one of the contractual obligations, the rental will be terminated automatically. This termination will take effect after a period of 48 hours after a simple summons by registered letter or letter delivered by hand remained unsuccessful.


    15. Liability:     

The rented property is located in a wild and natural place. Parents are fully responsible for the supervision of their children


    16. Disputes and complaints:    

As far as possible, complaints will be settled amicably. But, in case of persistent disagreement, disputes can be submitted to the competent courts of Corrèze (19) on which the owner depends.


Our general rental conditions are freely accessible on our website


The payment of the deposit, the balance or the rental price (for online reservations), and/or the signing of the rental contract presumes the knowledge of our general conditions of rental and constitutes acceptance of these. .  


AUBERGE DU LAKE NOIR – Camille and Walter

88 chemin du lac noir, la Chassagne 19600 St Cernin de Larche  -

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