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Children welcome

  After having worked for 28 years in the field of socio-cultural animation with children, Walter offers his services to entertain your children for a romantic break or a sporting/cultural getaway.

   Always in a fun way, the activities offered to children are on the theme of environmental education, in the form of treasure hunts, DIY workshops, gardening, cooking workshops, and wildlife discovery. and flora.


Le samedi et dimanche midi  de12h à 14h

Menu du 14 et 15 Janvier

SUR RESERVATION au plus tard la veille
au 0623551982

MENU DU 27 & 28 avril 2023


Duo de crudités: bettraves et carottes rapées sauce aillée,

Porc effiloché et ses potatoes aux herbes cuites au four

Tarlette aux noix

Boissons non comprises

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